Lady Marmalade

Nail Bar


Naked Manicure : No Polish : 140k

Lady Marmalade Manicure with Colour  : 160k

UV Gel Colour Manicure : 220k

Tiny Tots Manicure Under 10 Year : 90k

Deluxe Manicure

With Paraffin Treatment & Hand Reflexology (90 mins)

Naked Manicure Deluxe : No Polish : 250k 

Lady Marmalade Deluxe Manicure : 280k

UV Gel Colour Deluxe Manicure : 320k

*Additional French Tip Available for all treatments


Naked Pedicure : No Colour : 160k

Lady Marmalade Pedicure w/ Colour : 180k

UV Gel Colour Pedicure : 240k

Tiny Tots Pedicure Under 10 Year : 100k

Foot Smoothing : 110k

Deluxe Pedicure

With Foot Mask & Refloxology (90 mins)

Naked Pedicure Deluxe : No Colour : 260k

Lady Marmalade Deluxe Pedicure : 280k

UV Gel Colour Deluxe Pedicure : 350k

*Additional French Tip Available for all treatments

Acrylic Nail

O.P.I Acrylic Full Set : 620K

Builder Gel with Nails Tip : 450K

Fill in Acrylic : 350K

Acrylic per finger : 70K

Additional French Tip : 30K

Fill in Acrylic Per Finger : 40K

Axium Absolute Hard Gel : 730K

Axium Hard Gel Per Finger : 80K

Fill in Axium Hard Gel : 370K

SNS - Unavailable

SNS Dip Powder : 480K

SNS Per Finger : 55K

Additional Nail Tip : 100K

Additional Nail Tip Per Finger : 15K

Nail Polish

Regular O.P.I : 80k 

Kid Change Polish under 10  : 60k

UV Gel Colour : 150k 

Package Specials

Naked Manicure & Pedicure : 250K

Lady Marmalade Manicure & Pedicure Regular Colour : 300K

UV Gel Colour Manicure & Pedicure : 390K

Deluxe Naked Manicure & Pedicure : 430K

Deluxe Lady Marmalade Manicure& Pedicure : 510K

Deluxe UV Gel Colour Manicure& Pedicure : 590K

Manicure & Pedicure Kid : 150K

Additional French Tips : 50K


Soak Off Gel From Another Salon : 60k 

Soak of Acrylic Nail/SNS : 150k 

Soak of Acrylic Nail/Finger : 20k 

Nail Art Regular Colour Package : 90k 

Nail Art Regular Colour / Finger : 10k 

Nail Art UV Gel Colour Package : 150k 

Nail Art UV Gel Colour / Finger : 20k 

Paraffin Dip : 80k 

Foot Mask : 80k

Additional French Tips : 50k

3D Nail Art / Finger : 30k

*All prices are included government tax and service